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April 20, 2023 5 min read

Most Mothers don’t get enough thanks for everything they do, so Mother’s Day is the perfect day to make her feel appreciated and special, However, sometimes it can be hard to think of something to get Mum but don’t worry we have lots of amazing gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day.

Here are some of our top Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you out this Mother’s Day.

Wanderflower Collection

You can’t go wrong with the Wanderflower range. Wanderflower is a beautifully curated bath, body and aromatherapy gift range, designed to promote thoughtfulness and wellbeing. To give you a helping hand here are some of the top kits in the Wanderflower range:

Clay Face Mask Kit - $29.90
Time to Unwind Wellness Set - $44.90
Foot Therapy Gift Set - $44.90
Rest & Restore Aromatherapy Set - $49.90
Fresh Face Set - $69.90


Palm Beach Collection

Palm Beach Collection
Palm Beach Collection is NEW to Funky Gifts, it is a range of Luxurious yet affordable hand-poured scented candles, reed diffusers and bath products. The Palm Beach Collection is quiet vast so we have selected a few different items for our starter range and will continue to add it it, but for now in a range of beautiful scents we have the following:

Mini Soy Candles - $29.90
Mini Diffusers- $29.90
Mini Candle & Diffuser Gift Set - $49.90
Body Wash & Lotion Gift Set - $54.90


WoodWick Candles

WoodWick candles have been a customer favourite for many years now and it comes down to the beautiful, delicious scents and the gorgeous cracking sound the candles make while they burn. Over the years Woodwick have come out with a few different sizes and designs and I must say the NEW outdoor citronella candles are becoming a top seller very quickly. You can never go wrong with a WoodWick candle, but the classic scents gifted to Mums are:

Lavender Spa
Melon Blossom
Island Coconut
White Tea & Jasmine



We started selling the Metalbird range at the end of last year and it quickly became one of our top sellers. It’s a easy but beautiful gift for nearly anyone, as long as Mum has trees, wooden posts or pot plants then a Metalbird is the perfect gift. There are so many beautiful native birds in this range but our teams favourites that we recommend to every one are:

Kereru Pair Plant Stake - $64.90
Tui Twosome- $119.90
Hanging Bird Feeder - $69.90
Piwakawaka Plant Trellis - $69.90
Piwakawaka & Baby - $89.90


Lula Self Warming Eye Mask

Lula Self Warming Eye Mask 
Lula is a brand NEW product to Funky Gifts, Lula isA beautiful gift of self-care, When the mask meets the air it begins to warm up & stays at a wonderfully comforting temperature for at least 20 relaxing minutes so you can drift into a tranquil daydream or a deep night’s sleep. The Range of scents you can choose from are:




Bamboozld Sleepwear & Socks
Bamboozld is another NEW range to us, Bamboozld is a beautiful range of sleepwear and socks made from ethically sourced bamboo fibre. The daisy design is super cute and perfect for Mum. 


Hello Friday Collection

Hello Friday Cardies, Scarves and Bags
Hello Friday is always a great gift for Mum, especially the cardigans and scarves as we come into the cooler months. We have just landed the NEW 2023 range of Hello Friday:

Cooler Clutch Bag

Cooler Clutches 
Whether Mum uses it to store her everyday items along with her lunch or discreetly transport her favourite bottle of vino, the Cooler Clutch bags are a quirky and useful gift. Choose between the classic black “Amy” and the gorgeous floral “Babara


Esme Wine Glasses

Esme Wine Glasses
We have just got these beautiful crystal Esme Wine Glasses back in stock after being an absolute favourite over Christmas. They are a gorgeous gift for Mum, she will love drinking out of these glasses and will enjoy bringing them out when she has company over and the pop open a bottle of wine. 


SOI Handbag Light

SOI Handbag Light
This has got to be the most amazing idea for a gift for mum. I don’t know about you but my mum is ALWAY rummaging through her handbag trying to find something, sometimes spilling her whole bag out trying to find one thing. This SOI light acts as an aid by lighting up the inside of the bag when it is touched (by you or other items in the bag). A little extra light will help Mum see the contents of her bag. So if your mum is like mum this light is not only practical but is very thoughtful, save your mum time and panic haha. 


Zafino Jewellery

Zafino Jewellery 
Jewellery is always a nice gift to give Mum, and not only is the Zafino range really nice it is a great gift price. Zafino is made by a Mum and Daughter duo based in Melbourne Australia and is new to Funky Gifts. 


Modgy Vases

Modgy Vases 
Why not pair a bunch of flowers with one of our cool Modgy Vases for Mum this Mother’s day. Modgy Vases are great as once Mum is done with the flowers she can easily collapse and store the vase away until next time she gets flowers. Our most popular designs are:

Van Gogh Starry Night
Van Gogh Irises


Erin Simpson x Jakob Carter - Caribbean Dream 50ml

Erin Simpson x Jakob Carter- Caribbean Dream 50ml
Caribbean Dream is an exotic, floral and irresistibly sweet fragrance, inspired by the tropical fruits and flowers of the Caribbean. If Mum is in to sweet fruits and florals then this is a great gift to give to Mum.


Double Walled Cup Set

Double Walled Cup Set 
These awesome double walled cups have been super popular ever since we first got them a few years back. The double layer not only looks cool but will keep mums drink a perfect temperature while also protecting the table from any heat. We all know Mum needs that morning coffee to get her through her day, so these are a perfect gift for her.


Essentially Tamara

Essentially Tamara 
Essentially Tamara shower bombs elevate your shower to a whole new level. These bombs are created by a beautiful blend of pure essential oils and fragrances created specifically to turn your shower into a truly luxurious and therapeutic experience  ​


Jakob Carter Candles & Diffusers

Jakob Carter Candles & Diffusers
Jakob Carter candles and diffusers are pretty much perfume in a jar, they are so delicious and luxurious. Mum will feel super special being gifted one of these candles or diffusers. Our current scents are:

Coconut Lime & Lavender
Tropical Pina Colada
French Pear & Vanilla
Lychee, Black Tea & Musk
Strawberry, Rose & Champagne 


Reading Socks

Reading Socks
Our reading socks are super cosy, they are called reading socks but let’s be honest they should just be called everyday socks. Mum will definitely appreciate these, especially with the cooler months on their way. Choose between light pink, dark pink or go cute and choose the cat design.


Gardening Tools & Skincare

Gardening Tools & Skincare
Gifts for the green finger Mums, choose between our kiwiana designed garden tools and NZ made skin care. Even better pair them together to make a gorgeous gift bundle for Mum. 


Mother's Day Gifts

If you’re still stuck for ideas then check out our Mother’s Day Gifting Page or our Mother’s Day Gift Packs.

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