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Gift Wrapping

Yes, we  have a gift wrapping service!

We strive to provide exceptional gift wrapping services and are more than happy to work with you to create the perfect gift & gift wrapping for your loved ones.
Creating thoughtful & beautifully presented gifts is our number one priority and for us, the presentation of a gift is just as important as the gift itself!

Add Wrapping At Cart: You'll find all your gift wrap options in your cart, please add the wrapping and your message before you head to the checkout!

Handwritten Message: Every order is carefully prepared by our Funky Gifts team with all personalised messages hand written and the wrapping beautifully done.

If you have a specific requests you can add them in the comments or feel free to contact us to discuss your request. 


How to add gift wrapping to individual items

I want my items wrapped individually

STEP 1 - Once in your cart under each item will be an orange 'Gift Wrap?' option - click on this and a drop down of gift wrapping options will appear as well as a text box to type a personalised message.
STEP 2 - Simply select what you would like and then click 'Add gift wrapping'. 
This will add the gift wrapping and message only to this item and will now appear in your cart with your total amended to reflect this. 


How to add gift wrap to my order

I want to wrap all items in my cart together

Step 1 - Once all items are in your cart click the top right hand button 'Gift wrap your whole order'.
Step 2 - A drop down will appear, choose your gift wrap option, write personalised message for your gift and then click to add to your order.

I have multiple gifts with multiple items that need wrapping: 

Step 1 - Once all items are in your cart click the top right hand button 'Gift wrap your whole order'.
Step 2 - A drop down will appear, choose your gift wrap options for your items and write your personalised messages for your gifts in the message box, you can write as many as you need.
Step 3- Select the window below the message box to let us know which items you want wrapped together and for whom, then click 'Add Gift Wrapping to Order' - we will do the rest! 

If you have more detailed wrapping instructions please contact us