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How To Use My Wishlist 🧡

Here's how to create that wishlist that you "accidentally" leave on the coffee table or email to the significant other person to see. Also the perfect way to get organised, ensuring your Christmas planning nice  and early and are always on top of buying options for all occasions and all friends and family!

Lets start, have a wee browse among through all our funky gifts online and for all the cool things that you would like for that up coming birthday or special occasion.

Wether you are shopping for yourself or for all the special people in your life. Have it all nice and sorted ready to add to your cart when the you're ready to shop, but be warned, don't leave it too late in case we sell out before you get yours! 

Now that you have found your first item...

🖱️ CLICK on the heart 🧡 under the ADD TO CART button.

Then 🖱️ CLICK on the CREATE WISHLIST, you can name it anything that you like, "my birthday" "Christmas" "wedding anniversary" have as many lists as you like "Christmas for Mummy" "Christmas for neighbors" "Christmas for scott family"
continue looking around our website to find all the other items that you would like, add them to whichever wishlist they are for.

When the time comes to purchase the items all you have to do is come back to our website click on the top right hand corner love heart and then 🖱️ CLICK on the ADD TO CART and walaa you are done.

Hope you find this process nice and easy, if you run into any trouble to give us a shout, we are always happy to help.

The Team @ funkygifts.co.nz