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November 14, 2023 4 min read

Here’s the thing: festive gifts shouldn’t be stressful. Here at Funky Gifts, we believe that gifting should be as much fun as receiving, but we also know that figuring out corporate Christmas gifts sometimes adds up to a stressful situation at a time of year when time seems to be speeding up.

If you’re spearheading a large team or your client list feels just as long as Santa’s, you might be feeling the crunch right now. But don’t worry; that’s why we offer a creative, personalised, affordable bulk corporate Christmas gift service!

Dive into this article, where we explore the benefits of bulk gifting andgive you suggestions for some of the best bulk corporate gifts in our line-up.

Why choose bulk corporate Christmas gifts?

Bulk corporate gifting services like ours are ideal if you’ve got a large pool of recipients you need to handle. While it’s lovely to hand-pick gifts for individuals where you can, the reality is that if you have hundreds of people to cater to, there’s just not enough time in the day.

Not only does our bulk gifting service offer discounts on large orders, but we also help you figure out the best gift for your staff or clients from our range.

  •      Save time.Rather than spending hours scrolling through hundreds of different gifts or assembling those gifts yourself, our service helps you amass these gifts well ahead of time for the big day.
  •      Save money.Buying a lot of gifts presents a big potential cost, but with bulk discounts, you’ll save substantial amounts of money.
  •      Save on stress.As we said, gifting shouldn’t be stressful. Take a step back, breathe, and get help from the experts to nail your gifts without feeling like Santa on Christmas Eve.

9 Affordable Bulk Corporate Gift Ideas

Oasis Stainless Steel Bottle

Practical gifts are always appreciated, especially if they’re high-quality and look great. Case in point: the Oasis Stainless Steel bottle. Simple, affordable, and versatile, this is the definition of bang for your buck.

Trivia and Treats Mini Gift Box

Next up, an adorable mini gift box that promises hours of fun! Mostminiature gift boxes are one and done, losing their appeal as soon as all the chocolate is gone.

But not this one. We made sure to pack it with sweet Whittaker’s chocolate and a fun trivia card game. We’ll randomly choose the games so that everyone gets something different, or you can specify which of the choices you prefer.

Cocktail Recipe Playing Cards

Unique, portable, and long-lasting, these cocktail recipe playing cards are a shining example of a great Christmas treat. The cards inside promise hours of fun, but they’re unique thanks to the addition of a classic cocktail recipe on each one!

The 2-piece metal tin adds a touch of luxury while also ensuring the cards last as long as possible. Great for any business in the business of creating a great drink.

The Bee Gift Box

Support small Aotearoa brands with this bee gift box. This is a great choice if you work in an outdoorsy industry. Not only does it have three great bee-themed gifts, but it’s also a great way to contribute to the growth of the bee population.

Featuring delicious honey, beeswax candles, and bee-friendly seeds, this is the ideal gift for gardening or bee lovers.

Wanderflower Bathing Rituals Set

Give your clients or staff the chance to lay back and relax with this amazing bathing ritual set. Featuring a lavender and frankincense-scented set of bathtime essentials, this is a deliciously festive touch of luxury.

The trio features a body wash, a bath oil, and a bag of scented bath salts for a full-spectrum relaxation experience.

Deluxe Bailey’s Fudge Gift Pack

When you think of the festive season, what jumps to mind? Time with family, great gifts… and delicious treats. Sometimes, leaning into the simple pleasures in life is the best way to give a great gift.

Choose from a 5, 6, or 8-pack of different fudgeflavours to delight your staff or clients. This is an affordable gift option that still screams luxury!

Scented WoodWick Soy Candle

You can’t go wrong with a classic. This scented WoodWick soy candle comes in several different scents, so you can change up the types you give out.

Candles are a super versatile option, so you don’t have to worry about choosing too many individual gift options. Plus, they add a touch of luxury to a festive season.

Mini Eco Gift Pack

Embrace the sustainable mindset with this miniature Eco gift pack. This is sustainable luxury at its best, featuring a scented felted wool soap from Bruntwood Lane and a gentle handwash from Matakana Botanicals.

This gift trio comes with a cotton string bag ideal for farmer’s market visits, grocery shopping, or casual daily use.

Granite & Soapstone Whiskey Chillers

Finally, this one goes out to the whiskey lovers! If you work in the beverages industry or know your team loves whiskey, these chillers are perfect.

These chillers are made from granite and soapstone and hold onto the cold without diluting the whiskey. Luxurious for them but affordable for you, it’s the ideal corporate Christmas gift!

Still feeling unsure? We’ve got your back! We work with you to determine your ideal gifts based on how many you need, your budget, and when you need them.

Get your corporate Christmas gifts sorted early this year!

Effortless gifting made affordable! Explore bulk gifts at Funky Gifts and save big on corporate presents. Contact us today for your free quote.

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