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August 09, 2023 4 min read

Father's Day is a great excuse to spoil your dad and to let him know that you have been paying attention to the things that are important to him. Gone are the days of the soap on a rope and a box of handkerchiefs, although, to be fair, you can actually get some fabulous contemporary soaps on ropes at Funky Gifts!

So how do you nail Father’s Day? By getting him a gift that he will love! These days dads have a wide range of interests and tastes, yet the old classics still apply when you are shopping for a Father’s Day gift.

Here, we will explore some of the most popular choices for Father's Day gifts NZ-wide. These include gourmet delights, tech gadgets, and quirky items that ensure there's something for every dad's taste and preference. 

What Should I Buy Dad For Father's Day?

Whether you choose a gift that caters to a hobby, showcases his unique sense of humour (think dad jokes), or embraces his love for all things tech, the fact that you have made an effort to try and choose something he will treasure is what really matters. 

So, take inspiration from the popular gift choices discussed below and make this Father's Day a truly memorable one for the father figure in your life. 

The Money Man

A personalised engraved wallet is a great choice for a man that likes to take charge. This classy gift that has just the right of sentimental value while remaining practical. This gift will also ensure that Dad carries your present everywhere and thinks about you every time he gets his wallet out - this could result in some lovely payback :)

The Hobby Guy

Dads who have a specific hobby are relatively easy to buy for. If he loves fishing, you can splurge on a fabulous fishing knife, throw in a cute enamel mug with fish motifs and a yummy pack of gourmet chocolate fish. Fathers with a creative streak or specific hobbies will appreciate gifts that support their interests. 

For the dad who loves a bit of DIY, think a multi-tool - a 6-in-one hammer or a hardware flashlight so he can stay up all night hammering stuff. If Dad’s hobby happens to be going to festivals and dancing up the front, you could choose a popular Beard-Dazzler DIY Kit or a gin and tonic cocktail kit!

The Foodie

For dads with discerning taste buds, a gourmet food hamper is ideal. Choose one with a mixture of savoury and sweet, or support his barbecue habit with a hamper that includes a selection of sauces and a beer cooler - throw in some fancy bbq tools, and your dad will be rocking some of the most popular Father's Day gifts NZ has on offer this year!

If Dad loves to entertain, you could opt for a popular Deluxe Entertainers Treats Gift Pack so he can whip up a gourmet dip and impress his guests with a fancy picnic knife set. 

Music Man

For tech-savvy fathers who enjoy their music on the go, wireless Bluetooth earbuds make an excellent gift. These cutting-edge gadgets offer convenience and seamless connectivity, allowing Dad to enjoy his favourite tunes or take calls hands-free. This popular Father's Day NZ option is both practical and stylish.

For something a little more spendy that will blow Dad's mind, you could choose a retro record player that nestles inside a classic suitcase. These popular gifts have all the modern Bluetooth features he will need, and he gets a quality turntable for all his portable vinyl spinning requirements!

Dad Jokes

The best gifts are the ones that acknowledge you know Dad better than he knows himself. A funny quote mug with a humorous message or witty design is a great way to lighten the mood and show your dad how much you cherish his sense of humour. That way, whenever he sips his favourite beverage, he'll remember how much you love his dad jokes.

The Brew Master

A chiller stick is a perfect gift for dads who enjoy a cold one. You store these in the freezer, then chuck them in your beer to keep it cold and refreshing. Perfect for the fishing bag, the golf cart, or to keep him fizzing while he handles the barbecue like a total pro with his sassy new utensils.

You could also throw together a box with a special vinyl bottle opener, some salted toffee pretzels and a steel Huski beer cooler.

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Father's Day is an opportunity to make Dad feel like he is the best dad ever. Next to a sleep-in, the popular gifts NZ dads love are those that let him see you get him and you love him just the way he is.

Choose a gift from Funky Gifts, and make this Father's Day one to remember! 

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