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August 02, 2018 3 min read

Father’s Day 2018 is fast approaching and let’s be honest, Dads can be super hard to buy for. So to help you out we have made it super easy to choose the perfect gift for your Dad so that you don’t lose your status as the favourite child. 

 Let’s start with your typical sporty dad. The kind of Dad that is always yelling on the sideline of your sports game or yelling even louder at the TV.  These kinds of Dad’s are often hard to buy for as they are usually very practical people who also tend to have everything. Hard combination to work with right? To help you with some ideas, our Funky Gift Specialists have put together some gift packs for a few types of your typical sporty Dad. If your Dad is a “Football Dad” and is always up at unreasonable hours watching the game then this pack would be perfect for him! It even comes with a footy quiz so you can put his seemingly never-ending knowledge to the test. If your Dad is a bit of a cyclist or he bikes to work, then our "Cyclist Dad" gift pack would be perfect for him. With bike balls (yes you read right) for a bit of a laugh but also a handy cyclists multi tool, it is the perfect balance between funny and practical. 

 Not every Dad is a sporty Dad however. Many of our Dad's out there instead spend their time being pranksters and working on their Dad jokes to whip out at family dinners. If your Dad is a bit of a jokester, then we have some gift packs that are perfect for him! Our Farter Dad pack is perfect your Dad if he tends to let rip in inappropriate situations, or our Dad Joker Pack is perfect for those Dads that probably shouldn't quit their day job to become a comedian.  


 Some of our Dad's love to look after themselves, and let's be honest, always show up to events looking cooler than us. For all those Dapper Dads out there we have some stunning gift packs made up to suit you! If your Dad loves a whisky on ice then our Whisky Dad Gift pack is perfect, or if your Dad loves musky, manly smells then our Café Racer gift pack would be an awesome idea! 

If you still haven't found something that suits your Dad after reading this far, fear not as we still have a few more 'Dad types' he may come under. Our Funky Gift Specialists have made a classic, kiwi, Beer-Drinking Dad gift Pack that perfect for all those Dads who come home from work and enjoy opening a cold beer. We realise however that many Dads don’t drink Beer and would rather a nice cup of Coffee, so we have also made up a pack that is perfect for any coffee lover. Our Coffee Pack also includes an Eco Cup so Dad can save the environment as well as getting his caffeine fix.  

Now remember, don’t forget Grandad this Father's Day, or you'll never hear then end of it! Grandad's are still super important in our lives and all deserve something nice this Father's Day. Our Classic Necessities Gift Pack is full of timeless pieces that Grandad will love, or really spoil him and remind him of the good old days with one of our retro phones or record players.  

So there you have it! Some ideas for those of you struggling to buy the perfect gift for Dad this Father's Day. Remember, no matter what you get him he will love it. They're our Dads after all. Personal any of our gifts with our awesome range of Deluxe Father's Day cards that make your gift even more special. Still stuck? Why not come in and talk to one of our Funky Gifts Specialists and we can help you find something that is perfect for your Dad.  

Say thank you to all our Dads do for us this Father's Day! They deserve it! 

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