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November 26, 2023 4 min read

Finding unique Christmas gifts to suit all the people in your life can feel like a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. After all, the best way to find a great gift is to start with the recipient’s niche interests. Trust us, we know a thing or two about gift-giving.

In fact, we’ve put together a list of eight unique gifts from our range so that you can nail Christmas this year! Take a tour with the Funky Gifts team through some of the items that gave us our namesake and find the perfect creative gift to knock your recipients’ socks off.

For the Fancy Drinker - Cocktail Set

Whether at the end of a tough week or at the start of a great party, breaking out a cocktail set really livens things up. For the person in your life who loves a good drink and something fancy alongside it, a beautiful cocktail set is the gift to reach for.

Whip up a stunning old-fashioned or a simple dry martini in mere minutes with all the bells and whistles.

For the Vintage Rocker - Vintage Record Player

You know them, and you love them. The person with headphones constantly around their neck, always jamming classic tunes, who’s adamant that vinyl sounds better than digital.

Well, if you’re stuck for a gift for them, we’ve got you covered. This vintage record player will blow their mind, period. Listen up, music fans, because this vintage record player has USB encoding and Bluetooth and can even connect with your home stereo. The stunning trunk style wouldn’t look out of place on a Victorian cruise ship, but the sound is crystal clear. What’s not to love?

For the Whole Family - Keep a Straight Face

Next up is the gift that keeps on giving. The only thing better than a gift for one person is a gift for the whole family, and this game definitely fits that category. Keep a Straight Face is like charades, but everybody has to try not to laugh!

A few snacks, a drink or two, and this game will have the whole family roaring with laughter (despite its name).

For the Vino Lover - Corkcicle

If you have a wine lover in your life, chances are you’ve heard them complain about not being able to re-cork their favorite bottle of wine after having a glass. Not to mention keeping it cool when headed to the beach or on a picnic!

Well, let us introduce you to the wonders of the Corkcicle! This not only re-corks opened wine to keep it fresh, but it also has an ice-cold core that keeps wine chilly for the evening.

For the Well-Groomed - Triumph and Disaster Stash Box

For the old-fashioned gentleman with a magnificent beard, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Featuring their iconic Gameface Moisturiser and Badger Hair Shave brush, this 100% natural collection of grooming accessories is enough to have even the wildest mane tamed.

Not only are the products fantastic, but they also scream luxury. The matte black chest and grey anatomy interior bring to mind luxury barbershops and speakeasies. With the Triumph and Disaster Stash Box on their side, they’ll be jumping for joy.

For the Sweet Tooth - Bailey’s Fudge Gift Pack

Listen, someone with a sweet tooth is generally very easy to buy for. So, it makes sense to try and find a more unique Christmas gift to spice up their usual collection of candy-covered chocolates.

Enter the Bailey’s Fudge Gift Pack! This is a collection of the tastiest fudge known to mankind; all wrapped up in a festive box to add a touch of luxury. Present them with three or five slabs of their favourite fudge flavours, and we guarantee they’ll be drooling as soon as they lift the lid. 

For the Competitor - Sling Shot Hockey Game

Most indoor venues don’t take kindly to wild games of hockey, but what if you could minimize the game? Introducing: the Sling Shot Hockey Game! This is the ideal gift for competitive souls of all ages. Whether you play round robins or King of the Hill, this is the perfect way to bring the arcade home. 

Sling Shot Hockey packs away neatly in just five minutes, and all you need is a flat surface to get the party started. It’s fun for the whole family.

For the Tea Sipper - Slow Brew Gift Box

Finally, tea drinkers have the art of creating calm down to a science. Avid tea drinkers are a bit like collectors, boasting a huge array of different tea leaves in every corner of their homes. Some tea lovers just stick to one brew of choice, knowing that it will create the perfect sip every time.

No matter what type of brewmaster you’re buying for, they’ll absolutely appreciate this Slow Brew Gift Box. Featuring tea-friendly snacks, a warming tumbler, and the perfect slow sloth friend to brew their tea in, they’ll be able to start Christmas morning with the perfect cuppa.

With all these unique Christmas gifts to choose from, you’ll have your Christmas list crossed off in no time.

Santa who? You’re the new ace gift-giver in town.

Make Christmas magical for all with creative gifts from Funky Gifts. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Start your festive shopping today!

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