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November 28, 2023 4 min read

We’re often taught that the more you spend on a gift, the better it is. But the truth is, a great gift has nothing to do with the cost and everything to do with the thought behind it.

Luckily, finding affordable Christmas gifts in NZ doesn’t have to be a chore! We’ve put together a list of thoughtful gifts that will help you nail Christmas morning without needing to weep at your bank balance the following day.  

Vitals Ice Spheres Tray

First things first, let’s kick this list off with an homage to the whiskey drinker in your life. Give them a taste of the high life with the Vitals ice spheres tray. It lets you create perfect spherical ice cubes in your home freezer!

Not only do they look like they slid straight out of a fancy bar, but they’re also a great way to enjoy a glass of chilled whiskey - or any other delicious summer beverage you fancy.

The World’s Smallest Galileo Thermometer

When you pair décor with science, you can’t go wrong. For the scientific enthusiast on your Christmas list, allow us to introduce the World’s Smallest Galileo Thermometer! A mere 15cm tall, this is a visual thermometer with beautiful floating droplets.

The different colours add a visual pop to any room, and the bulb itself is a great introduction to weather science for any age.

Gin & Tonic Infusion Nano Pack

This one goes out to the gin-lovers out there. Gin on its own is a beautiful botanical concoction, and with a splash of tonic, it’s even better.

But you know what will really push it over the edge for your resident gin drinker? An exquisite selection of six delicious gin infusions, ready to steep in their next gin and tonic. From Rose Jasmine to Green Fresh, this is a budget-friendly Christmas gift that has a wonderful touch of luxury to it.

Matakana Botanicals Apothecary – Sleep Body Lotion

For the self-care fiend in your life who loves a great night of sleep, you can’t go further than this sleep body lotion. Not only is this a great budget-friendly Christmas gift idea, but it’s formulated by one of the best skincare brands in the game.

Smooth and giving off the scent of lavender, this is the perfect gift to send them straight into the land of slumber.

Gardeners Intensive Hand Balm

As many gardeners will know, your hands can get torn up fairly quickly after a few hours in the soil. All that dirt and hard work does a number on your skin. So, the geniuses at Earth Botanics came up with a whole range of budget-friendly Christmas gifts - gardener-friendly skincare.

This intensive hand balm is packed with New Zealand Manuka Oil to give it some antibacterial magic, while the beeswax helps provide a barrier between their skin and the soil. Anyone who regularly works outside will love this gift.

‘F*ck Off I’m Reading’ Socks

We’ve all got a dedicated bookworm in our lives. Which means we all know how dangerous it is to interrupt them mid-chapter. Save them the time of uttering this essential phrase in any bookworm’s life with these well-crafted, stylish socks. Cosy and perfect for a day curled up with a good book, these socks will have your bookworm recipient in stitches (if they can put the book down long enough).

Vinyl Coaster Set

Music lovers can’t get enough of talking about their favorite tracks, the best bands, and whether vinyl truly is superior to digital.

Give them the decorative accent their coffee table needs with these adorable vinyl coasters. This set of four echoes the appearance of a classic 45RPM, grooves and all. This is a budget-friendly Christmas gift you can use to show someone in your life how well you know them.

The Can Cooler from Moana Rd

Keeping soft drinks and beers cool in the dead of the summer heat is the plight of every dad in the world. Well, no longer. Moana Rd has an iconic budget-friendly can cooler known simply as ‘The Can Cooler.’

The wood look on this cooler gives it a robust, rustic charm any beer drinker will love. A pair of coolers is a great gift that invites them out for a chilled hang with you, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

Executive Decision Maker

People who struggle with making decisions can sit for hours, going back and forth between their options. If you have someone like this in your life, odds are that you’ve helped them make their choice more than once.

But what if something else could? Give them a massive laughandsomething that will help them actually make those decisions quicker, all without breaking the bank. Introducing the Executive Decision Maker.

The Wrist Wonder Tool from Moana Rd

For the person who spends their weekends running around being handy, this Wrist Wonder Tool is the ultimate gift. No more clenching nails between their teeth, losing drill bits, or going back and forth between the toolbox and the project.

Lightweight and well-made, this is the ideal addition to any handyperson’s tool collection. Trust us, they’ll love you forever with this one.

Cross off your Christmas list while leaving your bank account intact.

Celebrate the season without breaking the bank! Shop affordable Christmas gifts in NZ at Funky Gifts for a joyful holiday.

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