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December 05, 2023 4 min read

The only thing better than receiving a gift on Christmas is receiving one with a ton of thought behind it. Christmas is one of the best times of year to show your loved ones how much you care. By carefully selecting gifts you believe they’ll love, you strengthen your relationship with them and lay the groundwork for a beautiful year to come.

That said, we know how tough it can be to pick the perfect gift. After all, the festive season throws a lot at all of us! In this blog, we’re reviewing why it’s important to personalise your gifts and how to figure out what to get your loved ones. Even better, we’re offering a few suggestions for greatpersonalised Christmas gifts in NZ.

Why is it important to personalise your Christmas gifts?

Imagine this.

You’re sitting under the tree on Christmas morning, and your loved one has just handed you a gift. You gently unwrap it, wondering what it could be. When the gift is finally revealed, you realize it’s something you’ve wanted for ages, but something you might never have bought for yourself. You realize how well they know you and how much they’ve been paying attention, and that fills you with warmth.

That’s why! It’s as they say, it’s truly the thought that counts.

In short, personalised gifts tell your recipients not only that you care enough to get them a gift at all, but that you took the time to pick something you thought they’d really love. It shows how well you know and love them, which is the real gift, isn’t it?

How to Choose Gifts for the People You Love

Finding the perfect personalised Christmas gifts in NZ can take time, and that’s alright! It’s almost like doing research on your loved one, but you’re using what you already know about them to find the answer. The best way to find a great gift is to look at your relationship with them.

 Ask yourself:

  •      What do they always want to talk to you about?
  •      What’s a problem in their life that you could solve?
  •      What’s something that they might want but would never buy for themselves because they think it’s too expensive/silly/frivolous?
  •      What do they spend their spare time doing?
  •      What are some common interests you share, and how can you give them a gift that brings you closer to that interest?

Choose Personalised Christmas Gifts NZ-Wide

If you’re still stuck for ideas, the team at Funky Gifts have put together a few specialised recommendations to spark some inspiration. These are all from our Christmas gifts range, so make sure to browse our pages to find something that will delight your loved ones.

For the Frequent Traveller – Hold-All Travel Duffel Bag

As anyone who travels often will know, a great bag makes all the difference. That’s where the Troop London Travel Duffel Bag comes in handy. Featuring two sturdy top handles with a water-resistant lining and plenty of space, this bag will be with them through thick and thin.

For the Chess Aficionado – Deluxe Buddy Chess Set

One of the best parts about being good at chess is being able to brag about it, but how can you do that with your board tucked away? This Deluxe Buddy Chess Set is a wonderful décor piece that doubles as a conversation starter. The adorable pieces are cast from zinc, finished with titanium, and have velvet bottoms to keep the board in pristine condition.

For the True Crime Lover - Murder Mystery Games Night

True crime enthusiasts spend a ton of time thinking through whether they’d be able to solve a given case or how they might get away with murder.

Well, give them the chance to find out how they’d do with this immersive Murder Mystery Game Night! Complete with everything they need to host the perfect murder mystery evening, this has up to ten different games, so it’s not a one-and-done gift! This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

For the Music Lover – Retro Record Player

Bring back the great sound of vinyl with this stunning retro record player from SoundFlight. This might look like it stepped out of the 1940s, but this tech is fully updated with Bluetooth, USB encoding and even plays all three sizes of vinyl. It’s a stunning conversation pieceandan avenue to great music, so what’s not to love?

For the Aspiring Astronomer - Moon Beam LED Light

Bring a little bit of the night sky into their bedroom with this beautiful moonbeam LED light. This looks just like you plucked the moon from the sky and handed it to them. This is the perfect gift for a space-obsessed loved one who enjoys a cosy night in with a book (when they’re not looking up at the stars, of course).

With all these options and more to choose from, picking out the perfect personalised Christmas gifts in NZ will be a breeze. Have a wonderful silly season, and best wishes from the team at Funky Gifts!

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