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December 08, 2023 4 min read

Top 9 Quirky and Unconventional Secret Santa Ideas

You don’t want to be a generic Secret Santa. You want to give a gift that will get everyone talking, something that will make your recipient sit up and take notice. There are so many gifts out there that – while great – people receive over and over.

Sometimes, you need to try something a little different to make an impact! A quirky Christmas gift says that you’ve been paying attention, that you know your recipient’s niche interests, and you know just the thing that will make them smile.

With that in mind, the team at Funky Gifts have put together a list of the top nine quirky andunconventional Secret Santa ideas in our roster to have your recipient rolling with laughter.

The 6-Pack Beer Belt

We all know someone who’s the first to reach for the beer fridge, but what if they could always have a beer in arm’s reach? For the party animal or the BBQ fiend, this 6-Pack Beer Belt lets them carry around their favourite beer Batman-style.

While this is a hysterical gift, it’s also strangely practical if you give it to the right person. Let them hand out drinks at parties, tackle the beach picnic, or man the grill like a pro.

Tidy Motherf*cker Tea Towel

This tea towel really says it all. For the resident clean freak who just so happens to swear like a sailor, there’s the ‘Tidy Motherf*cker’ tea towel. Made from 100% cotton, this towel lives up to its moniker by offering great absorption.

With vibrant colours and a luxurious jacquard weave, it’s the perfect balance between practical décor items and sassy Secret Santa gifts. What’s not to love?

The Fart Button

For the recipient with a dodgy digestive system or a robust sense of fart humour, here comes the Fart Button! Every press generates a random series of fart noises and their corresponding beg-your-pardons. It’s a great tool to introduce some laughter into an otherwise mundane day.

Slaptastic Suction Hand

Take your gift recipient back to childhood with this homage to the days of annoying anyone you can get close to. With the Slaptastic suction hand, you can slap, shoot, or twist your way onto any nearby surface. The little suction cups stick onto smooth surfaces and peel off with an ultra-satisfying sound.

While it’s fun to play and fidget with, the best part of this gift is the nostalgia. Take it back to the 90s with the colourful design and smiley faces. This is the ultimate stress reliever, no matter your age.

‘I Drink Coffee for Your Protection’ Mug

Some people need to come with a warning sign, so why not give it to them? Make sure everyone in the vicinity knows to avoid them pre-caffeine, and the world will thank you for it. Introducing: the ‘I Drink Coffee for Your Protection’ Mug!

This is a fun yet practical gift that’s great for any caffeine fiend. If the person you’re gifting can be found clinging to their coffee at any given time in the day, then this is the perfect thing to make them smile.

Whisky Stainless Steel Bullets

Whisky chillers are an essential piece of any whisky-lovers bar equipment. They allow drinkers to chill their whiskey without diluting it, retaining the drink’s character. But what if simple cubes just aren’t enough for your recipient?

That’s where these Whisky Stainless Steel Bullets come in! Of course, these are nowhere near real. This is a set of four fake bullets that come inlaid in a foam casing, perfect for adding a touch of luxury to the whisky-drinking experience. Whether they’re a gamer or love heading to the range, these are a quirky gift choice they’ll remember for years.

Reading Socks

If you or anyone in your life is an avid reader, then you know the importance of getting as cosy as humanly possible when it comes time to crack the spine. These Reading Socks are quirky and unconventional in the sense that they’re the kind of thing most people won’t buy for themselves. It’s a frivolous but incredibly sweet purchase that aims to embrace their hobby!

These socks have an adorable mottled hound perched on the toes, with a cloud-like interior that makes them ideal for a comfy day indoors.

The Insult Button

If fart humour isn’t their style, why not take your gift in another direction? Sharp and to the point, the Insult Button is a hysterical way to start or end a conversation (depending on what kind of mood they’re in). From getting out some frustration to getting in a laugh, this is a quirky Secret Santa gift that anyone who loves a little sass will appreciate.

Party Poison

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted! Make sure the person you’re giving this to has a thick skin, because it’s a test of friendship and the ability to laugh at oneself.

May we introduce: ‘Party Poison’, the party game where friends and family vote to see who is most likely to fit the statement on the card. With statements like ‘Most likely to stay forever single’, this game comes with an appropriate warning. Great for playing with large groups, this gift is ideal if your recipient uses sarcasm as a form of affection.

Have a weird (but merry) Christmas this year with our collection of Secret Santa gifts.

It’s never been easier to find unconventional Secret Santa ideas. Bring laughter to Secret Santa with Funky Gifts. Explore playful and unique gift choices!

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