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September 12, 2023 1 min read

As parents we are always trying to get our kids away from devices and screens but sometimes we have to admit that these tools come in handy and can be used for good. 

Introducing Hey Clay a new crowd favourite that lets your kids imagination run wild but also use a device to create some cute and colourful creatures. 

Hey Clay have created an interactive app to go along with their modeling clay. Hey Clay assists children in developing fine motor skills and also helps them to follow along to instructions to make their creations. 

The clay is soft and dry allowing kids to manipulate and model it to match the instructions on the screen, once there creature has been created they need to sit for a couple of hours so they can harden, then they become a toy for imaginative play. 

Kids love the start to finish creation and the bright and quirky characters are just a bonus. 

These are a great gift for kids of all ages that lets them unleash their inner artist, you will even find yourself wanting to join in. 

Give the gift of creation and browse our Hey Clay collection 

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