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August 23, 2023 3 min read

Finding the perfect Father’s Day presents can be tricky, but once you have finished reading this blog, you should be able to confidently choose precisely the right present for your favourite father figure.

Letting someone know you think they are special is never a bad idea, so make sure you go all out on Father’s Day - even if your dad reckons he doesn’t want a big fuss. At the very least, he should get a cup of tea in bed and a couple of great Father’s Day presents. 

While the perfect gift can vary depending on your father's preferences and interests, several thoughtful and meaningful options exist. So buckle up, and let’s take a ride down our list to discover some fantastic gift ideas to make sure Dad is a happy chappy on Father’s Day!

Pamper With A Hamper

Hampers and gift boxes are a great way to cover all the bases, and a themed selection of Father’s Day presents in a cute box is just the ticket to let Dad see you have been paying attention to the things he loves the most - besides you, of course! You can make up a box yourself or get someone else to do the hard work - check out the customisable selection available at Funky Gifts.

Think about Dad’s hobbies and design your hamper to match his preferences. If he is mad about fishing, you can buy a deluxe magnetic gift box with a deck of fish-themed cards, some yummy treats to enjoy while he is out on the boat and a Gentlemen's Hardware Fisherman's Friend Multi-Tool. 

These multitools are a particularly great Father’s Day present idea because they are small enough to tuck away in your pocket and really useful for all sorts of situations that might crop up in the great outdoors or the shed.

The Foodie Father

For the Dad with a love for the snacks, you have all sorts of great options when it comes to Father’s Day presents. For the wine and cheese lover, you can even opt for a multi-tool designed explicitly for the cheese board. Check out our Gents Hardware - Cheese & Wine Multi-Tool; it comes with four cheese blades, a can opener, fork, corkscrew and bottle opener, so you can access your cheese and your wine wherever you are!

Father's Day presents options extend to the Dad with a sweet tooth - and the Dad that loves nothing more than getting his feet up and enjoying a slow brew tea from his own special infuser and ceramic travel cup. Think about buying a couple of his favourite leaf teas and adding some delicious baked treats like a Baileys Fudge Slab, Brownie bites and a handcrafted chocolate selection - we like the Fruney White Chocolate, Macadamia & Strawberry chocolate box.

Games Games Games

Some dads love to compete, and let's face it, there is nothing more fun than games night at home with the whole family joining in. If Dad fancies himself a bit of an expert on all things beer, a great Father’s Day present option is the Gents Hardware Beer Trivia Playing Cards, or you could opt for a board game with some fun pub trivia questions - or go for the classic Cards Against Humanity for a more PG game night.

When it comes to sports-related gifts, golf gear is always a winner for Father’s Day presents he will appreciate. There is all manner of golf-branded giftware out there; think Dapper Chap Golf pen sets, a golf trivia card game or some golf-themed socks! You could also fill up his golf cart with some yummy savoury snacks and give him what he really wants - a day on the course with his favourite child!

Vouchers For Dad

While it’s always nice to get something for Dad that speaks to his interests or hobbies, sometimes the best Father’s Day presents are no presents at all! For the Dad that loves to take charge, there is always the option of going for a gift voucher; that way, he can browse what’s available and select exactly what he wants. A gift voucher also presents an excellent opportunity to choose a sassy card to pop your voucher in; think Dad jokes!

Get in Touch 

Whatever things your Dad is into, Funky Gifts will have a great gift idea that will ensure he has a memorable Father’s Day. The best gift for Father on Father’s Day is a present that lets him know you understand and appreciate him.

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