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April 15, 2020 1 min read

A Fun Way to get Kids Out and About during Lockdown

As the nationwide Alert Level 4 continues, for those of us that have children  life has at home has certainly brought new challenges, balancing home school, home work and home life, whilst all under one roof all the time ... so we are always looking for fresh ideas to get them active and entertained without being on their devices. 

No doubt you have all been watching the news and it is clear that we need to be prepared for a new way of life now in the future.

As parents we need to be creative and resourceful and adaptable at all times, so it is not surprising that some super cleaver person out there (most likely a creative mum or dad just like you) created a exciting way to get the kids excited about going out for a walk while social distancing.

Why? Because you are taking them on a bear hunt!

  • Get involved
  • Count the bears
  • Take Photos
  • Spot the difference
  • Share your photos

 This is a fun way to get involved in your local community without bursting your bubble & also a great way to encourage some time for your bubble outside the house. Pop your bears in the window for other kids in your neighbourhood to find & if you don't have a teddy then a bunny or other stuffed toy will do just great too.

Stay Safe & Be Kind.


By Maria.


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