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April 15, 2020 2 min read


This New Zealand in lock down is new for us all so how can we still express our love and support to our friends and family during isolation? It’s times like these that we all need to stick together! (while maintaining social distancing of course) So here’s a few ideas to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them; 

  • Start a video call: Communication is key! Staying in contact with your friends and family is important in times of stress or change so making sure you check in on your loved ones is the easiest way to let them know your thoughts are with them while staying inside your bubble. Video-calls are a fun way to chat, catch up, show your loved ones how everything in your bubble is and hopefully have a few laughs too. Make a cup of tea or coffee and share it with your loved one through a video-call. There are many different video calling platforms including; Facebook messenger, SnapChat, Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp and Viber.
    Click the links below for more information.
    1. Google Hangouts 
    2. Skype
  • Join in your community games: How about participating in the nation wide teddy bearor New Zealand Easter hunt? Simply place a teddy up in one of your road facing windows for kids (and adults!) to search for. It’s a good way to encourage everyone to get some exercise and fresh air, just keep in mind if you’re out hunting to make sure your bubble doesn’t pop and you only go on your bear hunt with people from your bubble! 
  • Neighbourhood Teddy Bear Hunt


  • Treat them to some goodies: Perhaps you have an elderly or vulnerable loved one who you worry about leaving their bubble or someone you know who just needs a bit of cheering up? Jump online and do a bit of shopping for them, a couple little supermarket goodies or a little gift from our collection of essential non food items and treats being delivered by our essential services can really cheer up their day! Best to shop online, we recommend;
    1. Countdown - for food items
    2. Briscoes - for heating essentials
    3. Funky Gifts- for gift essentials & gift wrapping


  • Support our essential services! All around the world people are supporting and showing their appreciation for our friends, family, neighbors and strangers risking their lives everyday to keep our country running. A simple note in a window or on a fence for them to see can show our gratitude for them or at 7pm head out to your gate or driveway and clap and cheer for these champions! 

  • Get Creative:Getting into some d.i.y gifts for your loved ones will not only keep you occupied but be a sure way to express your love and support for them. Whether it be a photo/memory board or a nice letter that you can send them a photo of or perhaps go for a walk and drop in their letterbox if they don’t live too far from your bubble. Showing your loved ones that you miss and care for them too through homemade gifts is a great way to stay connected.


    Stay Home. Stay Safe. Be Kind.



    By Tynealle

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